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Health At Every Size® approach to nutrition - What can I expect?

Your Healthy Weight

Have you heard about the Health At Every Size® approach, but aren’t quite sure what it involves? Learn how this approach might be just what you’re looking for and how it can empower you to reach your health goals.

Health at Every Size®, also known as HAES® (pronounced haez), is an evidence-based, inclusive approach to health and wellness that supports the principle that a person’s health is not determined by their body weight. Instead, HAES® supports directly adopting sustainable health behaviours to address individual health goals.

The HAES® approach recognizes that we are all unique and therefore have unique health needs that are impacted by many different aspects of our lives and backgrounds. As we are all so unique, HAES® advocates for respect and celebration of the diversity of our bodies and challenges cultural and scientific assumptions about the relationship between weight and health.

Working with a dietitian who takes a HAES® approach to nutrition counselling will involve focusing on:

  • Developing eating habits that are individualized to your needs and are flexible in nature (no food rules or rigid meal plans here!)

  • Sustainable, positive habit formation centered around health behaviours, not weight

  • Building awareness of hunger and satiety cues

  • Compassionate self-care

  • Incorporating intuitive movement that is enjoyable for your abilities

  • Taking a holistic view of your health (looking at the bigger picture to see how other aspects of your life may be affecting your health and wellness)

Do you feel ready for a change in your approach to health and wellness? Discover how incorporating nutritious foods that honour your taste preferences, finding movement you enjoy and developing a positive relationship with food can empower you to reach your health and wellness goals – all without focusing on weight.

If this approach feels right for you, book a free 15 minute chat with one of our registered dietitians who practice a HAES® approach. We’d love to help you get started on your journey!


The information provided is for personal use, reference and education only and is not intended to be a substitute for a Physician’s advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult your healthcare professional for specific information on personal health matters.

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